saw someone reblog a video of a guy jerkin it and added ‘for the ladies’ in the captions


do i look likei care about some guy pleasuring himself

Animation by: Saltyicecream
Animation by: Saltyicecream

Nijie: お尻に突っ込んでボコォ!

Nijie: 2013/10/10
Nijie: 2013/10/10

*wakes up at 5am, go to bathroom, everything is ok*

*go back to sleep*

*dream of getting fucked by a guy with mask on*

*wake up, has period*

what an omen

tfw u need to get laid lol :-\

Gelbooru: Ban ● [nsfwsenpai]
Gelbooru: Ban [nsfwsenpai]

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